Gaza and Sderot is a neighborhood separated by a wall. Once, Palestinians and Israelis on either side of the wall were friendly neighbors. But, today they are only united by hate, grief, death and losses.


Tired of the unending violence, a few dozen friends on either side of the wall try their hearts at friendships. Anchored around a septuagenarian grandmother, the friends are men and women, young and old. Though they are hardly ever in physical contact, their stories and activities have forced their way into the world’s attention.


A BRIDGE over BLOOD is their inspiring story.


 A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is not just any documentary. It is life as the people in the Gaza-Sderot neighborhood live it.

This is a world unlike any other – deep pain, mistrust, destruction and fear.

In a world where hope drowned a while back, this is a story of hope in the midst of despair, promise on an island of gloom. These are men and women like you and me who just want to live. Their story shows the depth of the human spirit.

A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is a film about hope, an inspiring story about a group of people who simply refused to wait for the next bomb to wipe out their neighborhood.


Gaza and Sderot are literally twin towns. Separated by only a few hundred yards, Palestinians in Gaza and Israelis in Sderot and surrounding villages were once friendly neighbors. They were colleagues, clients, best friends, best men and maids of honor at weddings and celebrated religious festivals together.

Then the intifadas came. The wall went up and divided the neighborhood. Friendships were replaced by hatred. Bombs and missiles became the only means of communication. The once peaceful neighborhood is now the battle zone in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Life here is unlike in any other place in the world.